Residents should note that salt needs to be applied to our roads sparingly, as it is very difficult to locate and restock salt during icy weather.  Even in very bad conditions we should rarely have a completely empty grit bin. A shovel tends to leave too much in a given area, a preferred way is to fill a bucket and scatter the salt by hand.  One 3 gallon bucket of salt will cover approx 100 m of our road. Ideally, if ice is forecast, then it is best to scatter grit the evening beforehand.  If more than 25mm ( 1 inch ) of snow is lying on the road, then this needs to be cleared first before salt is applied. The grit is only for use on our roads and not residents’ own driveways.  We suggest each resident has a stock of 2 or 3 bags of rock salt in their garages ready for emergency winter use.